Who is Ahmed Mohammed? And why should we care?

    Ahmed Mohammed

    You have either been living in a bubble for the past couple of days, or too distracted with the Trump-Mania going on because those are the only two ways you have not heard about Ahmed Mohammed. Ahmed was a 14 year old high school freshman in Dallas, Texas, who built a homemade clock in order to impress his teachers. What happened next is what has everyone in shock, one of Ahmeds teachers suspected the homemade clock was actually a bomb and shortly after the police were called. The controversy that ensued sheds the light on a bigger issue here in America, and that is racial profiling. Now I know this isn’t a blog about racial issues, to be honest, we face enough of that in the news, but when it comes into the mix with technology it makes it a little hard to ignore.

    We are in the digital age, everything and anything can be shared in a matter of seconds, so it is no surprise to me that the world found out about Ahmeds incident so rapidly. This is the awesome part about technology today, we get to share not only the bad, but the good as well, Ahmed has received an overwhelming amount of support from people all over the world. Which shows that we as a people have the ability to support and stand next to one another during times of hardships.

    I want to go back to the headline for a minute, why should we care who this Ahmed kid is? While visiting my friend’s New York Web design office, we got into a conversation about where America is heading and how technology has enabled it to grow beyond what anyone thought possible. I agreed with him, but I also mentioned that the technology has also hindered us, and has made us value people less and our possessions more. We went back and forth on this for a little bit before we saw a report about Ahmed Mohammed, and what it led us to realize is that technology has given us the ability to make up our own minds, we can now be informed enough to decide how we feel about certain situations and voice that opinion as well. So while there are some set backs with technology the advancements outweigh them by far.

    Ahmed Mohammed is important because it is the ultimate example of people using technology to empower themselves and the world.

    Why The iPhone 6s and 6s plus is the best iPhone yet

    New iPhone 6S Apple has just announced their new iPhone 6s and 6s plus, after months of anticipation they did not disappoint. Apple added a slew of new technologies, and upgrades that apple enthusiast can’t wait to get their hands on. I myself am an Android user, but with this new iPhone on the horizon I couldn’t help it be slightly curious. After deciding to put aside all my Biases about the iPhone I was able to realize that this is by far the best iPhone yet.

    4k videos

    4k is the latest in resolution trends, at 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution videos are more clean and crisp than ever before. Now while the iPhone isn’t the first phone to employ this technology, they sure have found a way to make everyone care about 4k resolution all of a sudden. You can record the videos on your phone and upload them to your Mac for editing on the latest version of iMovie. This is a great tool for any movie makers out there, who are looking for an affordable way to shoot 4K videos. The videos can later be watched on 4K ready television, and if you’ve ever seen a 4k video on a big screen then you know this is a huge deal.

    IOS 9 is a game changer

    One of the biggest complaints people faced with iPhones was the dreaded battery life. The phones have been notorious for this, but not anymore. Apple Promises to address those long standing battery issues with it’s IOS 9 update. They have added up to 3 more hours of battery life as well as a new ‘Low Power’ mode to aide the battery conservation efforts. Battery life isn’t the only new upgrade that comes with IOS 9, Apple promises a smarter more interactive Siri. This is crucial because for years Siri has been losing the battle to its Google counter part the “Google Voice Assistant”, but it seems that the gap is narrowing.

    3D touch is Pretty Cool

    One of Apple’s newest features is 3D touch, this is a pressure based system which allows you to access different features of the phone based on the pressure you apply. A quick tap will give you a quick view, while pressured push will take you further into the menu and reveal other options.

    Pictures will never be the same

    Pictures on the 6s and 6s plus have also gotten pretty huge upgrades. A new feature apple has added are live moments, which allow you to snap a photo while recording the moment leading up to the picture and the few moments after. This turns your picture into a live moment as appose to a singular shot. They also upgraded the camera resolution to 12 megapixels, the highest iPhone camera resolution yet.

    Time to upgrade


    One of my friends is an iPhone Fanatic, he is very knowledgeable about Apple and all their products. He runs a New York City Web design company and he tells me the majority of his employees use Apple products. According to him the ease of using an iPhone will always outweigh the complicated ways of Android. Needless to say he was convincing enough, that I’m going to give this iPhone a try when it releases. Stay tuned as I’ll be reviewing it here, lets see if its everything they its cracked up to be.

    Look How Far We’ve Come

    New Technology

    Do you ever just stop to think for a moment at how far along we have come? Just think about it, as I write this post I hear planes flying over my head and cars speeding by right outside my window. The year is 2015 and we already have self driving cars, and solar powered everything! This got me thinking about the power of technology, and how much further we still have to go. In this post I wanted to touch on two of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the past years, and how they have affected our lives today.

    Computers have Changed everything

    A few weeks ago while having a conversation with a friend who owns a Digital marketing company here in New York we got on the subject of computers and how much more capable they are today. The changes we have seen in technology lately have change the way we live our lives. We now have the ability to access the whole world wide web from the palm of our hands, via a smart phone. Even the term smart phone seems to irrelevant, since practically every phone being used today is a ‘smart phone’ or at least it should be.


    We Are up and Running

    Technology is ever changing, we know sometimes it is difficult to keep up.
    Thats why we decided to start Groove army, a blog dedicated to keeping you on the forefront of technology.

    Our Goal is to provide up to date and relevant information on the latest technology trends. If you are a self proclaimed techie then this is the Blog for you. One of a kind insights by myself and all the other fellow tech geeks here are Groove army.

    So if your ready to be a part of the latest force in the Tech world, come join the movement Groove army is here to stay.

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